Search for a producer in China

Do you wish to set up a profitable business with producers in China and India? However, you do not know what to start from. The address the «Grand Logistics» specialists! Search for producers in China and India is one of the leading lines of our company.

Our specialists performed numerous marketing studies and know how to find a direct supplier of the goods you need. You won’t have to pay the extra money to intermediaries and your business will come to a new level according to volumes and profits.

Search for a supplying plant in China or India is made according to the «inquiry-report» scheme. The client’s task is to formulate with maximum details his requirements, and we shall present the report in kind of analytical and marketing study stating various possible suppliers, terms of cooperation, prices and volumes of purchases.

The information about the supplier which you get from us:

  • Contact data (addresses, phones, persons in charge).
  • Status of the firm: immediate producer, official dealer or an intermediary.
  • Prices according to the commercial offer (FOB or DAP terms).
  • Copies of the quality certificates for the goods.
  • Copy of the supplier’s export license.
  • Payment terms, production period and delivery period.
  • Samples of products and catalogues, if required.
  • Summary and recommendations on the selection of a supplier from India or China.

The study requires from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the task complexity. You will get the report at your option either in Ukrainian, or Russian or English languages.

Based on the results of the studies our clients can either begin to conclude a contract and participate in the virtual exhibition/fair of the goods in question or select a business tour in China or India so as to get personally acquainted with the producer.

Still, our services connected with the search for a producer in China or India do not come to an end.

«Grand Logistics» offers a comprehensive escort at all stages of cooperation!

Additional services given to our clients:

  • negotiations with the factories in India and China;
  • verification of quality of the goods;
  • opening visas for business tours;
  • supervision and full performance of the transaction («Grand Logistics» becomes an official agent of the client);
  • organization of delivery of the goods to the buyer’s warehouse;
  • legal advice;
  • presentation of detailed photo reports at each stage of the contract execution;
  • customs clearance of the cargo from China and India;
  • receipt of phytosanitary, veterinary and quarantine certificates and permits;
  • «door-to-door» delivery of the goods.
We completely relieve the client of the necessity to act as a participant of external economic relations!

Commence your business with a good start! «Grand Logistics» specialists will provide for that!

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