Delivery of the consolidated cargo by sea

Delivery of the consolidated cargo by sea is a separate and very specific kind of carriage which is actively used by individuals, small companies and big enterprises.

In order to carry a small box, it is not worthwhile to spend much money and lease the whole container. Send your cargo as a consolidated one – it will save you from 30 to 40% of the delivery cost. In doing so, you will ensure safety, high-quality and speed of transportation of your order.

For many years «Grand Logistics» has specialized in delivery of consolidated cargo by sea from China, South Korea, India, Turkey, Portugal and Indonesia. We have concluded contracts with the agents in all ports of the mostly used directions that is why our clients get better freight and a series of additional services.

The directions where we operate:

  • China, South Korea, India – Ukraine;
  • China, South Korea, India – Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia;
  • USA – Ukraine;
  • Turkey – Ukraine;
  • Ukraine – China, South Korea, India, USA.
  • Ukraine – Middle East.

Many transport companies often refuse to accept parcels of less than 1 cu.m. volume.

We deliver any cargo without limitation by weight and dimensions. The rates remain minimum in this case as well!

By request of the client we may accept the object to be sent directly at the supplier’s warehouse. It is very convenient if we talk about direct deliveries from the manufacturer’s plant. For this procedure we’ll need an exact description of the goods, its overall dimensions, address and contact data of the shipper and, sometimes, a power of attorney for receipt of the cargo.

Our specialists organize consolidated «door-to-door» cargo deliveries by sea from China, Europe, India and Turkey. In this case our clients should not worry about customs procedures, insurance, transportation connections and forwarding in the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk and about other stages of cargo movement. «Grand Logistics» will get the cargo from the consignor and hand it in to the consignee. All risks will remain with us.

What kinds of cargo our clients carry most frequently? They are:

  • consumer goods;
  • construction materials;
  • household chemicals;
  • food products;
  • electronic equipment;
  • grains (wheat, corn, barley, etc.);
  • sunoil;
  • timber and sawn wood;
  • metals and steel articles.

No complicated categories of goods exist for the «Grand Logistics» specialists. We possess experience of successful deliveries of dangerous, military, fragile, valuable cargo as well as of heavy weights and out-of-size objects.

What is included in our company services?

  • cargo acceptance;
  • cargo-handling operations with the use of special equipment;
  • consolidation of cargo in the warehouse;
  • delivery on board ship;
  • cargo forwarding at ports;
  • issuance of the B/L;
  • arrangement of the shipping and permitting documents (including certificates of origin, quarantine, phytosanitary and veterinary certificates);
  • customs declaration;
  • insurance;
  • delivery of consolidated cargo by sea or with the use of multimodal transport to the consignee’s address.

Besides, we offer a range of additional services which considerable ease business. By request of the client our specialists perform a marketing study and propose options of direct deliveries from the factories and plants of China, India, Turkey and other countries. We can conduct negotiations, submit a legal consultation and assist to correctly conclude a contract of supply.

You will enjoy supervision by «Grand Logistics» at each stage of the transaction!

Make your buys really profitable with the aid of quick and economical delivery of the consolidated cargo by sea!

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