Customs clearance of cargo and preparation of the permitting documents

Most frequently cargo delivery takes too much time because such delay is associated with incorrect customs declarations and documents.

The risks of the consignee are:

  • Time losses: until the documents are prepared correctly, the cargo will not be let out of the customs premises.
  • Money losses: it is required to pay, as a minimum, for transport delays and for the subsequent storage of the cargo at the temporary storage warehouse. In the most undesired case the cargo owner will have to pay substantial penalty for illegal import of the goods.
  • Cargo loss: if the documents contain errors and non-conformances, the goods may be confiscated. It might be possible to get such cargo through the court proceedings only.
«Grand Logistics» relieves its clients of risks!

We offer a full range of services connected with cargo delivery and customs clearance so that you have a guarantee of getting your cargo in time and without losses.


For a fast declaration procedure it is required to submit a full list of shipping and permitting documents, cargo customs declaration (CCD, a hard copy or e-copy) and produce the goods. Besides, when submitting the CCD or before it the consignee has to pay customs duties.

The documents required for customs clearance of cargo and goods:

  1. Copy of the export/import contract, including all annexes.
  2. Original of the invoice or Proforma Invoice (in two languages, or a certified translation).
  3. Original of the packing list (if gross/net weight is not indicated in the Invoice).
  4. Shipping documents (depending on the transport mode: airway bill, consignment note, B/L, CMR, waybill).
  5. Payment orders confirming the payments in accordance with the contract).
  6. Documents that confirm the customs value of the cargo (commercial offers, price-lists).
  7. Documents that confirm quality and the country of origin of the goods.
  8. Permitting documents (licenses, certificates – depending on the description of the goods and FEACN code).
  9. Accreditation card of the consignee at the customs house.
  10. When preparing the customs documents for the cargo, the customs officer accepts and registers the cargo declaration, checks correct FEACN code, declared customs value and payment of the customs duties and charges. Afterwards the customs officer inspects the goods, checks its packing and the transport vehicle.

So that the procedure of clearing the company’s goods comes smoothly, we render our support at all stages:

  • we accredit the consignee at the customs house;
  • we check legal propriety of the export/import contract and the shipping documents;
  • we select the FEACN code;
  • we consult on the customs laws and on the necessity to prepare additional permits;
  • we prepare the preliminary notice, preliminary declaration and the cargo customs declaration;
  • we calculate the amount of customs payments;
  • we place the cargo under customs control;
  • we are present at the customs inspection and check its clearance form the customs control zone.

Our clients do not have to communicate with the customs authorities. This is the business of the «Grand Logistics» professional broker at all stages!

If everything has been prepared correctly, the customs clearance of cargo takes only 4 hours after presentation of the declaration!

Cost of the customs clearance of cargo


This is what the clients are worried about because the ultimate price of the goods, profitability of the transaction and the gained profit depend on the customs duty amount. Obligatory customs payments consist of the duty, VAT (20%) and excise and customs charges.

Our specialists will select correct FEACN codes which minimize the duties and relieve you from obtaining additional permitting documents.

Professional declaration will save from 5 to 10% of the declared value of the goods!

When it is unnecessary to clear the cargo?

In compliance with the effective legislation of Ukraine the goods valued less than EUR 150 may not be declared. However, it is extremely important that the declared value really corresponds to the cargo value – this is what the customs officers always check.

If the customs officer becomes suspicious that the price might have been reduced, the parcel is sent for additional clearance procedures. Then it is necessary to come through the entire clearance cycle.

Resort to our services in customs clearance of cargo and you will save your tome, resources and funds!

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