Inexperienced entrepreneurs often consider that the services provided by broker companies are just a waste of money. They communicate with the customs authorities on their own, ask advice from colleagues, read information on the Internet and, as a result, face a number of unexpected problems:

  • Their cargo is stopped because of the lack of documents and sent to the temporary storage warehouse.
  • They pay penalties.
  • They undertake long litigation with the customs authorities.
  • They lose their cargo which is confiscated.
  • They are charged double if not triple duties.

…And the next time, having gained bad experience, such businessmen order the customs and broker’s services to the professionals.

«Grand Logistics» provides a full range of brokerage services.

We do not just carry cargo but we also arrange all customs formalities doing it quickly and economically.

Main work stages

Pre-contract consulting. Prior to signing a purchase contract, our clients consult with us about permitting documents which are to be presented to the customs authorities. Depending on the goods description, additional certificates of phytosanitary and epidemiological control, import licenses, UkrSEPRO certificates, etc. may be needed.

Our brokers select proper FEACN codes and provide a full set of documents as well as recommendations how to get them. Quite frequently the clients do not wish to waste their time and efforts, therefore they issue a power of attorney to our company and we obtain the permitting documents independently.

Arrangement and acceptance of the shipping documents. Correct preparation of Proforma Invoice, packing list, technical description and letters to the customs pave way for quick declaration. For each document there are specific requirements to observe and obligatory information to be stated. Our specialists will check and release the documents in compliance with all effective requirements.

Determination of the FEACN code. This is a separate part of the work which requires much experience. Erroneous code may lead to excessive duties to be paid, detention of the goods, collection of additional documents and loss of time and money. We’ll offer the optimum FEACN code which will allow of clearing the goods at the minimum rate and with minimum number of permits.

Calculation of the customs payments. «Grand Logistics» brokers determine the exact amount to be payable for the charges and duties. The minimum rate on imported goods equals 20% VAT. In many cases the expert can make it free of charge.

Arrangement of the preliminary notification and preliminary declaration. These are preliminary notice/declaration to be submitted when an imported goods cross the land border. The broker notifies the declaration number and only then the truck is allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Submission of the declaration (CCD). It is required to correctly fill in all boxes of the MD forms in the e-version and in the hard copy because otherwise the declaration can be rejected. It is practically impossible to correctly prepare the CCD without having special knowledge.

Admission of the cargo to the customs control zone and subsequent clearance. The customs broker issues a pass for the goods to enter the customs zone and later issues a pass for the goods to be carried out of the customs zone. The time of stay within the customs zone is registered precisely and is payable afterwards. As a rule, drivers do not do it.

Supervision of the customs officer actions during cargo inspection. Physical inspection of the goods, its packing and transport vehicle is one of the obligatory stages of cargo clearance. An officer in charge is accompanied by the broker while he carefully checks the marking, quantity and external appearance of the goods for their correspondence to the documents, Thereafter the customs officer makes a decision as to admission/removal of goods to/from the customs control zone. If some non-conformances have been detected, the inspector requests additional documents to be produced or decides to detain/confiscate the cargo.

You do not want to communicate with the customs authorities yourself? Yes, actually there are plenty of pitfalls which can be avoided by professional brokers only. Apply to us for an additional consultation so as to receive or send your cargo reliably!

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