Delivery of cargo from the USA


How often do we visit websites of the US Internet shops and dream about buying a wide variety of goods – the price and quality are very attractive. On top of that on the Internet there are many lucrative offers and sells-out.  It happens that we are on a verge of making a good buy but for the problems of a timely, complicated and expensive delivery. And what happens if the goods are lost or never reach you? The USA is so far…

Indeed, such problems are no more than a myth – there are plenty of ways to organize international deliveries from the USA to Ukraine. “Grand Logistics” knows how to do it!

Delivery of cargo from the USA by air

Such transport mode enables to deliver any goods in the shortest time possible. Convenience, promptness and reliability – these are the main advantages of air carriage.

We propose two options at your discretion.

  1. Straight delivery of cargo from the USA to Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkov. It means time savings (you’ll get your goods in 3-5 days only) and an absence of any additional transhipments. However, be ready for a higher transportation cost.
  2. Multimodal transportation with the use of airplanes and motor vehicles. In such case the cargo first comes to a European airport, is consolidated in the warehouse and then is carried to the destination point. If you are happy with 15 to 20 days delivery period, we recommend you to choose the multimodal alternative because it allows of a considerable savings of funds.

If necessary, our specialists will arrange transportation from the supplier’s warehouse to an airport in the USA. It is very convenient – you won’t have to contact the US carriers and seek opportunities for delivering your cargo to the airport.

Delivery of cargo from the USA to Ukraine by sea

Large shipments are customarily carried by shipping lines as it reduces the delivery cost and makes it possible to use greater tonnage capacity.

Delivery period from the Eastern states takes, as a rule, 40-60 days, and from the Western states – 15 to 20 days more. Our specialists organize deliveries by sea and customs clearance from the ports of New-York, New Jersey and Houston.

We offer various container types that suit any kind of objects: 20’ and 40’ containers for standard dry cargo, tanks for liquid cargo, refrigerated containers for special temperature mode and open platforms for out-of-size cargo.

Expedited delivery of cargo from the USA

«Grand Logistics» accepts private parcels weighing to 30 kg for urgent delivery to all regions of Ukraine. We offer excellent service, best prices and short delivery periods. Dispatches are made daily. Small parcels are sent in consolidated containers and are received by consignees within 3-5 weeks (depending on the shipment port and destination point).

Delivery of out-of-size cargo from the USA

The objects that come out of standards by weight and size are carried either in a special sea container or on the ship’s deck.

Sea containers for the out-of-size cargo can be with an open top or as an open platform either without walls or with walls. If the cargo parameters make it impossible to use the container, then such object can be fastened on deck or in the ship’s hold.

We arranged such transportation many times and the cargo invariably reached its destination successfully, without damage and delays.

«Grand Logistics» services in delivery of large-size cargo from the USA include:

  • development of the individual route for the multimodal transportation of the object;
  • organization of special transport means to carry the object by road in the USA and Ukraine;
  • receipt of permits for carrying out-of-size cargo;
  • loading and unloading of the goods at all stages;
  • issuance of the Bill of Lading and customs formalities.

Delivery of consolidated cargo from the USA

In order to send a small lot of goods it is unnecessary to lease a full container. We’ll organize packing and transportation of your parcel to an American port, issuance of the documents and customs clearance, and carry your parcel in a consolidated container load to a European port – Gdansk, Gdynia, Klaipeda or Tallinn. Afterwards the parcel will be sent to any city of Ukraine.

«Grand Logistics» guarantees prompt operations at all legs of cargo movement!

Order any mode of cargo delivery from Ukraine to America or back and you will see how easy and advantageous it is!

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