Delivery of cargo from Europe

The European market attracts clients increasingly frequently. Excellent and high-quality goods, high level of servicing and geographic proximity tend to facilitate growth of business contacts and personal purchases. It just remains to find a way for quick and economic delivery of cargo from Europe.

Our company “Grand Logistics” is ready to take on ourselves all organizational worries. Especially popular is the «door to door» carriage when the consignor hands in his cargo to a courier and just in a few days the happy consignee gets the airmail packet without any complications and formalities.

Due to international traffic from Europe you will be able:

  • to make bargain purchases in the best-selling Internet shops (e.g., Ebay or Amazon);
  • to get parcels from your relatives and friends cheap and quickly;
  • to deliver your personal belongings when moving to other location;
  • to order inexpensive original car spares and electronic items;
  • to carry out large-size and out-of-size objects and dangerous cargo.

Delivery of consolidated cargo from Europe

Many newcomers in business deal with small lots of goods that do not occupy the entire space on the motor vehicles. Earlier you would have to pay even for the empty space but nowadays the consolidated cargo service eliminated this problem,

Our specialists will accept the cargo and put ii in the consignment store wherefrom it can be rapidly sent to the consignee. Consolidated cargo delivery from Europe to Ukraine needs experience and care.

The main work stages:

  1. The arriving parcels are sorted out in the warehouse and stowed in a transport vehicle in the optimum manner.
  2. Each cargo unit gets its individual marking.
  3. Shipping documents are prepared according to special requirements so that the truck may cross the border without any problems.
  4. The truck leaves on its voyage and delivers parcels to the consignees.
Consolidated cargo traffic from Europe to Ukraine allows of saving to 30% of the transportation cost!

You won’t have to think about goods safety – correct marking and proper documentation, professional fastening and modern transport vehicles reduce a risk of loss to zero.

Expedited delivery of cargo from Europe

Expedited delivery can save a series of situations. For instance, materials and purchased parts are needed for production now and the contractual obligations are at stake: timeframe is upset, penalties threaten and many unpleasant things are ahead. Or, suppose, faulty equipment is to be urgently repaired, a car made in good order or the exhibits for the fair received. Under the circumstances the client should get cargo in several days.

We are ready to organize urgent delivery of cargo from Europe to Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv and Kharkov, and it will take just 3-4 days including the customs clearance.

How comes it in practice:

  1. We get your request for cargo expediting.
  2. We take the cargo from the consignor.
  3. We send an individual motor vehicle or find a near air flight.
  4. We prepare export or transit declaration.
  5. We receive the cargo and perform the customs clearance formalities.
  6. We hand in the parcel to the consignee.

«Grand Logistics» possesses a matured experience and contacts in the expedited delivery and customs clearance of cargo from Europe. Our service, rates and delivery periods will surprise you!

Delivery of out-of-size cargo from Europe

Carriage of heavy and non-standard objects necessitates a thorough preparatory work: it is required to obtain permitting documents, coordinate the roadmap and order an escort, if required.

Our experts have successfully organized dozens of special flights. Agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and transformers – these are just a part of the objects that we worked with. Clients apply directly to us when they need to deliver large-size cargo from Europe.

We work with such countries as France, Italy, Portugal, Greece. Germany, Poland, Baltic states, Czech Republic, Hungary. Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Finland.

Do you need to organize cargo carriage from Ukraine to Europe and back? Call us and we’ll offer the best terms, periods and prices!

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