Cargo delivery from China

Deliveries of cargo from China becomes increasingly popular because of the e-commerce and loyal prices for goods. Our clients purchase gifts for themselves and their relatives, household goods, electronic equipment, spare parts and many other articles in Chinese Internet shops. Far from all selling firms take on obligations to deliver the goods, therefore quite often it is necessary to organize delivery independently. Where to start?

«Grand Logistics» offers the following services for delivery of cargo from China to Ukraine:

  • transportation «from-door-to-door»;
  • consolidation of goods lots in the warehouse in China and then in Ukraine;
  • carriage of small size parcels weighing more than 1 kg;
  • containerized transportation of big objects by sea;
  • urgent delivery by air;
  • preparation of customs documents;
  • insurance of cargo.

Most frequently cargo is transported from China to Ukraine with the use of multimodal transport, i.e., with participation of various transport kinds: these are: truck / air or truck / sea. Certainly, the deliveries by rail or by road only are not used – this is too long, expensive and complicated.

Delivery of consolidated cargo from China

If the goods of various owners are carried in a single container such cargo is considered to be consolidated. The advantages of such carriage are evident:

  • Lesser delivery cost – you share it with other consignors.
  • Time savings – you won’t have to wait until the sufficient lot of the goods has been accumulated.

This is the optimum choice when you buy a small number of things for your personal use or order samples of products so as to understand their quality.

International carriage by air from China

Whenever urgency of delivery is a priority, it is advisable to order transportation by air. On the average it takes from 5 to 10 days, including customs clearance. Actually, it means the expedited delivery of cargo from China.

Most frequently our clients use such arrangement for carrying:

  • brand clothes;
  • jewellery;
  • electronic equipment;
  • small luggage weighing to 10 kg;
  • medicines;

We are ready to independently contact a seller in China in order to take and export the goods. Then your worries will be still less.

Carriage by sea

If you want to spend the minimum amount of funds to deliver cargo from China to Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv or Kharkov,  we recommend to use sea containers. This way is not so fast but it is surely the cheapest.

It is suitable for carrying:

  • big shipments of goods;
  • car spares, furniture and big items of household equipment;
  • industrial equipment and agricultural machinery.

A speed of ship arrival directly depends on weather conditions which, sometimes, can become a real force-majeure. The average time of delivery by sea and customs clearance of cargo from China takes from 30 to 60 days. You must admit that it is not quick but it is fully justified from the economic viewpoint.

Delivery of out-of-size cargo from China

The Chinese market means not only consumer goods but also major and complicated industrial or agricultural equipment at very liberal prices. As a rule, such goods require especially complicated transportation because their sizes and weight considerably exceed standard parameters.

Delivery of out-of-size cargo from China is accomplished by sea only, therefore reserve an ample time for such carriage. For carrying such items we’ll select a spacious 40’ container or an open platform, calculate the optimum route and the minimum number of transhipment points, organize loading onto trucks and customs clearance. You will get your goods at your address without additional problems and headache.

Cargo is carried from Ukraine to China according to the same scheme. Just contact us and set your task – we shall offer the best solutions.

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