Container shipping by sea

Should you need to carry a cargo over long distances and spend minimum resources, then the best solution is to choose container shipping by sea. Such logistic solution yields numerous advantages and is, therefore, enduringly popular. Among our clients there are large transnational companies and small firms, individual entrepreneurs and industrial enterprises.

Why is it worth to ship containerized cargo by sea?

  1. Cost effectiveness. A question «how much?» is quite often the decisive factor in choosing the transport mode. You can compare prices and get convinced that the carriage by sea is minimal if re-calculated per one kilogram of cargo. It is so due to high freight-carrying capacity of a ship relative to fuel consumption.
  2. High volumes. Now you will not have to complicate logistics and break down the shipment into smaller lots. It is by sea only that several tons of cargo can be carried to any destination in the world which means a considerable reduction of costs and risks. Container transportation has no restrictions as to the kind and quantity of cargo therefore a client can carry any cargo in accordance with his needs.
  3. Safety. Cargo is stuffed in hermetical and strong containers that ensure high level of protection at all legs of the route. Liquid, bulk, solid and fragile objects do not matter – we’ll choose the optimum container type so as guarantee safety of your cargo.
  4. Simple loading and unloading. As the fixture arrangements are universal, containers can be conveniently moved from one place to another and rapidly and reliably attached to the loading machinery, which means minimum downtime for loading and unloading.
  5. Intermodal transportation. Due to standard overall dimensions containers are suitable for carriage by road and rail transport as well, which is especially convenient in case of «land-sea» transportation. You won’t have to worry about risks and transhipment of the goods. A container can be rapidly and neatly fixed either on a truck or on a flatcar.
  6. Consolidated cargo. If you need to carry small quantity of cargo, you do not need a full container. Just place your goods in a container together with the goods of other clients – you will get substantial savings without any loss of safety guarantee.
  7. Long distances. Container shipping by sea makes it possible to flexibly connect transhipment ports selecting, practically, any route. In this instance containers are simply indispensable!

Wherein is cargo carried?

Standard 20’ and 40’ containers are used for carriage by sea. The 20’ container is the most common type (designated as TEU). It is considered to be a standard unit used to measure the carrier’s fleet and capacity of the cargo ship.

Besides standard closed containers we also offer:

  • tank containers for carrying fuel and other liquid cargo;
  • refrigerated containers for preserving the required temperature;
  • open platforms for out-of-size articles.

How to book international container carriage by sea?

Our company «Grand Logistics» arranges delivery of any cargo kinds to any world port. Skilled professionals will offer the connection options with the land transport at minimum number of handling operations.

We accept and dispatch cargo by sea containers from the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk and deliver cargo by land transport from Kyiv and any quarter of Ukraine.

Contact us by phone or fill in the form at our website so as to get the best logistic solution of your requirements!

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