Carriage of cargo by rail

Carriage of cargo by rail has a great number of advantages over other transport modes. According to price and loading capacity this transport mode greatly surpasses air and road transport. Therefore, if the route permits, it is worthwhile to choose carriage by rail.

Advantages of the transportation by rail are:

  • Practically unlimited possibilities for carrying cargo of big weight and size.
  • Delivery of cargo to remote locations within the continent.
  • Successful and timely delivery irrespective of weather conditions.
  • Low transportation cost of a specific cargo unit.
  • Possibility to track whereabouts of cargo along the entire route.
Rail freight carriage means reliability and profits!

In order to organize good transportation of cargo, it is required to have considerable experience, know all nuances, rules and possibilities offered by railroads. If you need such a service, it is advisable to apply to professionals only.

“Grand Logistics” possess many years of experience in a successful delivery of cargo both in Ukraine and abroad.

Amid the crisis many forwarding companies had to close down as they were dealing with small shipments and individual orders. When all prices went up, they could not withstand competition and lost their clients.

For the last years “Grand Logistics” not only increased its traffic but also extended its range of services!

We offer to arrange carriage of the following cargo by rail:

  • in-gauge and miscellaneous consignments in standard rail cars;
  • liquid and bulk cargo in rail tanks and containers;
  • heavy weights and out-of-size cargo on open flatcars;
  • dangerous cargo;
  • various kinds of machinery and industrial equipment.

Out-of-size cargo

Our experts organize successful carriage by rail of the most diverse in size and weight objects. Should you need to dispatch or receive a large shipment of any goods, large-size agricultural machinery or industrial equipment – we are ready to take upon ourselves all worries:

  • we arrange special permits for carrying out-of-size cargo;
  • we develop fastening schemes, if required;
  • we prepare consignment notes and other shipping documents;
  • we order special cargo-handling equipment;
  • we deliver the cargo «from-door-to-door» with the use of road trailers and flatbeds;
  • we organize consolidation and storage of cargo, if required;
  • we provide customs clearance services for international transportation routes.
We offer complete cargo execution with minimal participation of the client!

Our experience gained for many years enables us to anticipate and effective settle all possible problems when carrying out-of-size cargo.

Dangerous cargo

Carriage of dangerous cargo by rail is very strictly controlled by the competent authorities and, therefore, necessitates thorough preparation of the covering documents. In this case it is impossible to reach the goal without a clear understanding of the instructions, requirements and laws.

Dangerous objects are carried in special tightly sealed containers, bottles, boxes and multilayer packages. The tare should be obligatorily marked «Dangerous cargo» and contain detailed information about the object.

The list of risk cargo includes:

  • compressed gases and other gases in various form;
  • radioactive substances and explosives;
  • combustible and flammable objects;
  • peroxides, oxidizing substances and poisons.

Most often carried by rail are: fuel, acids, solvents, aerosols and medicinal drugs.

Entrust to us carriage of dangerous cargo by rail and it will be accomplished devoid of risk and extra financial costs!

International carriage by rail

The export share in our country economy grows fast therefore the reliable and cheap delivery of goods to other countries became so topical. Our specialists are ready to organize convenient and advantageous transportation in the shortest time possible while cooperating with you at any delivery stage.

We are responsible not only for loading and delivery of goods to any destination but also provide ancillary services in insurance, customs clearance and receipt of additional permitting certificates.

Every time when an optimal logistic scheme enabling to reduce time and funds several-fold is being developed, you will get convinced that it is particularly profitable to forward goods by rail!

Your freight will be delivered abroad timely and loss-free!

How to order freight carriage by rail?

So that our experts are able to quickly determine the delivery pattern and the optimum route, please prepare in advance the following data:

  • exact names of the dispatch and destination points;
  • weight and size of the freight;
  • hazard class (if any).

Fill in the order form on our website or call us. We’ll solve any logistic task successfully!

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