Carriage by road

Do you want to deliver cargo as quick as possible and reliably? Then the optimum way is to carry it by road transport! The geographical position of our country allows of a convenient and economical carriage of goods to European and our neighbouring countries. About two thirds of the total cargo flow is carried by road.

Advantages of carriage by trucks:

  1. Customized delivery schedule and plan. You would not have to adjust yourself to time-tables of trains, airplanes or water transport. It means exact observance of delivery dates according to contract and flexible planning of the truck delivery time. In case some urgent requirement emerged with you, our specialists will offer the best solution by price and time within several hours.
  2. Any kinds of cargo. Modern trucks are adjustable for any orders including liquid, bulk, dangerous and out-of-size cargo.
  3. Flexible pricing. Depending on size and weight of cargo, it is possible to select diverse options of trucks beginning from small 3 t capacity lorries and ending with spacious platforms which enables not to pay extra money for the delivery. Also, you can substantially reduce the haul costs if you send your cargo as a consolidated load, i.e., it will occupy only a part of the transport space.
  4. Easy control and planning. You’ll be able to know whereabouts of the cargo you dispatched at any time. Trucks do not depend much on the weather and reach their destination exactly at the expected time.
  5. Delivery «from-door-to-door». Cargo carriage by road makes it possible to accept goods from the supplier and deliver it intact directly to the consignee’s address. A truck moves from point A to point B without any additional transhipment points.
Carriage of cargo by road is the nost popular and proven delivery mode !

“Grand Logistics” deals with organization of carriage by road for many years. Our experts have successfully organized and completed thousands of domestic and international routes.

We guarantee:

  • fault-free modern trucks;
  • experienced and adequate drivers;
  • any routes;
  • optimum prices;
  • shortest delivery time.
 “Grand Logistics”  will successfully deliver any objects to any distances!

Carriage of dangerous cargo by road (ADR)

According to the European Agreement, dangerous cargo are divided into 9 classes that include: explosives and flammable substances, various gases, peroxides, oxidizers, radioactive, poisonous, corrosive, caustic and other articles and substances.

All ADR motor vehicles should be provided with special sets and the drivers have to be appropriately trained which is to be confirmed by a certificate.

In our practices we unfailingly adhere to all prescriptions and safety standards that is why our clients are always certain that we’ll deliver their dangerous cargo to the destination point successfully.

International cargo carriage by road

«Grand Logistics» is ready to organize quick delivery of goods to the European countries and C.I.S. according to «all inclusive» program.

Basic services:

  • finding the optimum route and motor vehicle type;
  • preparation and execution of a contract;
  • notification of truck delivery;
  • fast passage of the border crossing points;
  • transportation to the destination point.

Additional services:

  • loading/discharge of the goods;
  • accumulation of cargo shipments in a warehouse;
  • preparation of the CMR and filling in the CARNET-TIR;
  • customs declaration;
  • insurance of the goods;
  • receipt of permits.

In order to know the cost of delivery and make an order, just fill in the request form or call us. You will get a prompt answer, best terms and high-quality service!

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