Air freight operations

Speed is the main advantage of air transport! If you need to deliver goods to some distant point of our planet in a matter of several hours, the airplane is the only means to do it.

Air freight is indispensable for carrying perishable goods, jewellery, valuables or documents and medicines. In that case the risks of loss, pilferage or spoilage of the goods are reduced to a minimum.

What do the clients appreciate in the international air carriage:

  1. As a rule, the speed of «warehouse to warehouse» transportation takes from 1 to 3 days less the time required for the formalities associated with goods.
  2. Due to modern means of monitoring it is always possible to know where the goods are located and when the goods are to arrive to certain checkpoints.
  3. Long distances. It is only a plane that can quickly cover any geographical barriers, whether these are seas, mountains, deserts and oceans.
  4. Minimal formalities. Cargo transportation by air excludes a necessity to cross intermediate borders, therefore customs clearance is required in two points only: at dispatch and at arrival.
  5. Cargo is subject to minimal spoilage in an airplane and the risks associated with a complete loss of cargo are much lower as compared with other transport modes.

“Grand Logistics” provides the following services in cargo transportation by air:

  1. Acceptance of the cargo at the consignor’s address.
  2. Selection of the optimum route and airport.
  3. Delivery of cargo to the airport.
  4. Issuance of the airway bill.
  5. Payment of the terminal charges.
  6. Receipt of cargo at the destination airport.
  7. Delivery of cargo to the consignee’s address.

In addition you can order packing operations, customs clearance, insurance and stowage of cargo in a warehouse.

Cost of cargo carriage by air

Transportation by air was never cheap; however, the associated advantages always justify the price.

The final cost is based on a number of factors:

  • type, weight and volume of luggage;
  • urgency of delivery;
  • air carriage of dangerous cargo (heavy weights, out-of-size cargo);
  • legal and documentary supervision;
  • customs clearance;
  • packing;
  • insurance;
  • pilot supervision;
  • special requirements.

Our rates are absolutely transparent and do not include any latent payments. We accept cargo weighing to 10 t and offer the best prices for air carriage.

See on our website a special tariff offer for delivery of cargo weighing less than 32 kg!

How to use air carriage service by “Grand Logistics”:

  1. Request a calculation of the transportation cost.
  2. Get familiar with the price and time of the delivery.
  3. Sign an application contract.
  4. Transfer your cargo to our courier or to the company’s warehouse.
  5. Pay for the service.
  6. Receive your goods at the destination address.

Begin from the first step – contact our specialist in cargo carriage by air!

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