Export of grains and oily seeds to China

Export of grains and oily crops is one of the main lines of the Ukrainian trade. Our country takes the first place in the world for sunflower oil export and the fifth place for export of wheat, barley and corn. Every year we witness a stable demand for the services provided by international carriers of agricultural products.

«Grand Logistics» successfully cooperates with the agricultural enterprises, big and small grain traders and renders its assistance at all stages of transportation.

Our specialists organize export of grain and sunoil at minimal rates and in the shortest time possible!

The products we carry:

  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • barley;
  • millet;
  • sorghum;
  • flax;
  • flour;

Carriage of grain by road transport

Trucks are very convenient for delivery of a small lot of products for relatively short distance – within the borders of Ukraine or to the neighbouring countries.

The road transport advantage is that your goods will come directly to a silo, plant or in a port exactly in time and without additional transhipments.

As grain is a highly hygroscopic substance, it requires special transportation conditions. Grain is carried in bulk by special bulk grain trucks or in soft containers called big bags. Transportation of grain by grain trucks is cheaper but big bags preserve grain better.

Our specialists will offer specially equipped trucks that:

  • are used for carrying agricultural products only;
  • maintain a constant temperature so that the grain quality is preserved.
  • meet the hygienic and sanitary standards;
  • are provided with rear and side discharge;
  • are hermetical and reliable.

With a view of carrying big quantity of the product at a time, our clients order tipper or dropside trucks – truck trailers. A single truck trailer can carry to 75 cu.m. of wheat, barley and corn.

Carriage of grain by rail

In the majority of instances large shipments of export products are delivered by rail. Such mode is selected by grain traders or major processors who have their own railroad access.

«Grand logistics» will provide for:

  • Timely delivery of rail cars for loading.
  • Preparation of consignment notes, certificates and permits.
  • Tracking the train movement and prompt response to downtime of the rail cars.
  • Issuance of export documents by the customs.

For carrying grain by rail we offer 70 t capacity covered four-axle hopper cars that have the volume of 94 cu.m.

Carriage of grain by sea

Up to 90% of the agricultural products of Ukraine are exported to India, China, Egypt, Turkey and Middle East via the Odessa and Ilyichevsk ports. Here there are special port elevators that allow of consolidating huge shipments.

Wheat, corn, barley, flax and oily seeds are carried in bulk in ships’ holds or in ea containers. Holds are specially prepared – dried, cleaned and covered with tarpaulin. Grain Inspection controls good quality of the spaces. Representatives of the Grain Inspection examine holds prior to loading and issue the appropriate permit.

Transportation by sea is the only way to deliver large grain shipments to the international market – there is no other alternative.

«Grand Logistics” offers:

  • the most favourable rates for carrying grain to Europe, Egypt, Turkey, India China. Russia and African countries;
  • transportation of grain in sea containers or ship’s holds;
  • delivery of cargo to ports and intra-port forwarding;
  • assistance in preparing shipping documents and permits;
  • customs broker’s services for quick clearance of export goods;
  • search for consumers in India, Turkey, China, Egypt and African countries.

Export of sunoil to China, Turkey, Europe and the USA

Our company successfully transports sunoil to China, India, Turkey and Europe in special flexitanks intended for carrying liquid cargo.

A flexitank is a multilayer container made of food grade polyethylene which is installed in a standard 20’ container as an insert piece. Oil is poured through the top or bottom pipe branch provided with a valve. One flexitank contains to 22 tons of liquid.

The advantages of carrying sunoil in flexitanks are:

  • Maximum utilization of the sea container which considerably reduces the delivery cost.
  • Higher intensity of loading and discharge operations.
  • Compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards.
  • Enhanced quality of oil and low losses of oil.

«Grand Logistics» specialists know all nuances of flexitank operation. Clients trust us to carry sunoil and always get the best terms and perfect results.

Do you want to export agricultural products getting high profits and ensuring safety? Apply to us and you will get a free consultation of «Grand Logistics» on all matters of your concern!

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