Delivery of electronic equipment from China


Increasingly frequently the Ukrainian consumers purchase tablets, e-books, notebooks, phones and other gadgets of Chinese make. Such equipment is affordable to our buyers even in crisis time and its quality and technical capabilities are as good as expensive European and American analogs. With a view of meeting the demand, many companies are increasing their import of electronic items from China.

«Grand Logistics» helps its clients to make e-goods business really profitable.

It is important to not only find a good supplier with low prices but also to carefully think about the delivery mode, otherwise the transportation costs take the heavy toll of the potential profit. Our specialists will offer you the optimum logistic plan.

Main principles of the company work

You will get:

  • shortest delivery period;
  • low rates;
  • safety;
  • precision and accuracy;
  • aid and cooperation.
We guarantee our support to clients at all stages beginning from selection of a supplier in China and ending with transfer of the goods to the consignee.


  1. Gathering of information about the supplier.

Actual quality of electronic equipment does not always correspond to the declared quality therefore it is necessary to carefully check the suppliers. Some Chinese goods are sadly known to be cheap and base imitations that can deter even an unpretentious buyer. «Grand Logistics» specialists are ready to gather information and references concerning the seller so that our clients do not lose money making a bad buy.

  1. Negotiations and conclusion of a contract.

This service also helps to save time and considerable funds because we prepare legally impeccable contracts. With these contracts you won’t have problems when making payments, export/import of goods and customs clearance.

  1. Receipt of electronic equipment at the supplier’s warehouse and its transportation to the port.

So that our phones from China are not delayed in transit, our logistics specialists organize prompt delivery of goods to the port of departure. The minimum volume of the cargo is 1 cu. m.

  1. Customs clearance of the electronic equipment.

Experienced brokers of «Grand Logistics» correctly classify all kinds of gadgets according to the FEACN classification, gather sets of documents for presentation to the customs authorities, calculate the size of customs payments, represent the client and advocate his interests. As a rule, just 1-2 days are required to clear a shipment of electronic equipment.

Our clients do not participate almost at all in the transportation process – they just receive the electronic equipment when the shipment is delivered to the client’s warehouse.

Ask for a consultation at “Grand Logistics” and build up a profitable business buying and selling electronic equipment from China!

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