Delivery of clothes from China, Turkey, Europe and the USA

Clothes from China, Europe and Turkey are always in demand in the domestic market. The import share in this sector comprises almost 90%. What are the reasons for such popular appeal?

  • Affordable price of clothes and footwear even with account of the transportation cost. A difference between goods from a shop and similar imported goods reaches 50%.
  • Opportunity to purchase articles of famous brands

The only thing that holds potential buyers in check is a complicated delivery and customs clearance of the cargo. One should have a great experience in order to meet these challenges. But our clients ceased to worry about it – “Grand Logistics” specialists successfully solve all problems and formalities!

We are ready to give you our aid at each stage of clothes delivery.

Selection of a supplier in China, Turkey and Europe

It is always profitable to work on a direct basis! By request of the customer our specialists will prepare a list of manufacturers’ factories and suppliers of clothes, footwear, textile articles and other goods. Besides, we can conduct negotiations and assist in concluding a legally impeccable contract. It helps to make the buyer safe and avoid plenty of unpleasant things in future.

Acceptance of cargo

Which is more convenient: to organize delivery of your goods to a port or give it to a professional carrier? “Grand Logistics” accepts cargo at a warehouse of one or several shippers, consolidates the cargo, if required, and carries the goods to a ship. It is very convenient if your client receives several lots of clothes and footwear from various suppliers.

“Door-to-Door” delivery of clothes from Europe, China and Turkey

Standard containers where clothes are stowed in boxes, on pallets or in cartons are used more often than not. We also offer specialised containers that are equipped inside with racks and hangers. Brand clothes from Europe can be transported together with the complement products – dummies, catalogues and samples. We’ll take care of every detail!

“Grand Logistics” accepts cargo weighing more than 5- kg and consolidates groupage containers for shipping to Ukraine.

Our clients know that the groupage cargo always means a cheaper delivery 

Average delivery periods of clothes transportation to Ukraine:

  • from Turkey – from 7 to 15 days;
  • from Europe – from 10 to 24 days;
  • from China – from 30 to 60 days;
  • from the USA – from 24 to 50 days.

After the goods arrive to Ukraine and are cleared by the customs the container is loaded on a truck and delivered to the consignee’s address. That is how the “door-to-door” service package works.

Customs clearance in 1-2 days

A single lot of clothes may include several dozens of FEACN codes. These should be determined correctly so that the goods can be promptly declared and successfully pass all customs procedures. There exist many important nuances that concern descriptions of clothes, labels and shipping documents. Even a simple count of the pieces of goods may become a problem because of differences in the rules.

Our specialists will handle all formalities in a professional way, check the weight, arrange the certificates and get the cargo through the customs in a shortest time possible.

Why do the clients choose “Grand Logistics”:

  • Solid experience. More than 5 years of successful deliveries of clothes in sea containers, hundreds of orders fulfilled and dozens of permanent clients who trust us.
  • Favourable prices. We cooperate directly with the biggest shipping lines and are, therefore, ready to offer low rates and discounts with no compromise in quality of our services.
  • Transparent tracking. Our clients always know where their cargo is and when it is due to arrive.
  • Prompt response. Our specialists are always on the line and are eager to help. We quickly solve any problems, consult and fulfil our clients’ requests.

Apply to “Grand Logistics” and you will really get a high-quality service!

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