Is it safe to container shipping for valuable cargo?

In most cases – yes. The metal frame of the container protects the goods from the effects of environmental factors, it is difficult to open and easy to load and transport. But no matter how sure we are – PP still happen, a container can run aground or sink, and part of the cargo may suffer when delivered. If you want to 100% protect themselves from the risks – insure the goods at 0.2% of its value.

How long will it take to deliver the container to the country?

It depends on where we will take it. For example, the minimum time of delivery of the container from the United States is 14 days, whereas the container transport Chinese last 28 days or more. It should also take into account the time spent in ports, plus a few days in the container shipping from the port to your warehouse.

How do I bring a container from the port in my warehouse?

We will gladly help you with this. Terrestrial delivery has always been and remains one of the main directions of our activity, after transport by sea. Write or call us and we shall count the cost of delivery of the container to your city.