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Clients choose us as a reliable partner in the field of logistics. And that's why:

8 years on the market
Transported 150,000 tons
of cargo
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Do you want to carry cargo of any dimensions for any distance? «Grand Logistics» will successfully organize international carriage by all kinds of transport and offer a number of supplementary services!

We offer transportation by:

  • sea containers;
  • railcars and flatcars;
  • trucks;
  • airplanes;
  • multimodal kinds of transport.
Our company has been working for more than 8 years and carried 450,000 t of various products!

Main directions of «Grand Logistics» international cargo traffic

  • China, Europe, South Korea, India, USA, Turkey, Indonesia – Ukraine.
  • Ukraine –   China, Europe, South Korea, India, Turkey, Middle East.

Our services

We offer you:

  • selection of the optimum delivery scheme;
  • order and delivery of transport;
  • loading/discharge and fastening of the goods;
  • forwarding of container transportation in Odessa and Ilyichevsk;
  • stowage and consolidation of cargo in warehouses and in a port;
  • issuance of the B/Ls, CMR, airway bills and consignment notes;
  • delivery to the consignee’s door;
  • surveyors’ appraisal;
  • insurance;
  • customs clearance;
  • search for direct suppliers and consumers of goods in China. India, Europe and the USA.

Besides, we open visas, provide interpreting services and act as an agent in transactions completely relieving the client from a necessity to participate in the external economic activity.

We handle the following cargo:

In-gauge goods weighing from 30 kg to 20 t. We carry such goods in 20’ containers and trucks of the load capacity from 3 to 20 t, and in rail cars or by airplanes.

Heavy weights and out-of-size cargo. We select various containers (40’, open tops, open side containers), truck trailers and flatcars.

Dangerous and military cargo. We offer specially equipped transport complete with a full set of permits and certificates.

Liquid and bulk cargo. This cargo are carried in modern flexitanks and highly-reliable big bags.

Perishable cargo. This cargo is carried in refrigerated containers that ensure a special temperature mode.

Consolidated cargo. This cargo is delivered in a single container/truck/rail car together with the cargo of other clients.

«Grand Logistics» regularly carries:

  • Agricultural goods: wheat, corn, barley, flax, sorghum, flour and sunoil.
  • Construction materials: laminated plastic, parquet, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, curtain rods.
  • Industrial equipment and agricultural machinery: harvesters, machine tools, transformers, installations.
  • Consumer goods: clothes, footwear, textile articles, tableware.
  • Perishable goods: fish, meat, frozen vegetables and fruit.
  • Dangerous and military cargo: fuel, fertilizers, medicines.

Timber, steel, coal.

What our clients get:

Timely delivery. We realistically assess the transportation duration and carefully organize every stage so as to avoid delays.

Safety of cargo. We ensure high-quality packing, fastening and accurate transhipment at the handling points.

Minimum prices and individual discounts. We do not charge up our rates and are always ready to meet halfway our clients.

High-quality service. Based on the clients’ needs we offer several service options – from the minimum set of services to the «all inclusive» option.

Round-the-clock support. We thoroughly monitor cargo location and the date of its arrival to the checkpoints, promptly solve the current problems and inform the client in detail about the delivery progress.

Absolute trust

Why do the customers trust in «Grand Logistics»?

  • We have a wide network of agent at ports on all popular directions.
  • We concluded direct agreements with the major shipping lines.
  • We always are in touch and give exact information about cargo location.
  • There was no case of loss or spoilage of goods by the company’s fault for all history of our work.
  • We solve logistic tasks of any complexity.

We offer individual discounts beginning from the second order

More than 70% of customers become our permanent clients!

Procedure of your order

Your order is handled quickly and clearly:

  1. You tell us the overall dimensions, description of the cargo, terms and delivery periods.
  2. In several hours we inform you about the cost, transport delivery date and the date of cargo arrival to the destination point.
  3. By your request we perform additional works: determine the FEACN codes and the full list of permits required for export/import, make a search os suppliers/consumers of goods, order certificates of origin and phytosanitary and epidemiological certificates, submit declarations to the customs, etc.
  4. We conclude a contract which clearly indicates the terms of our cooperation and the list and cost of the works.
  5. We fulfil our obligations in time and in full.

Any other questions? Contact our specialists and get an exhaustive consultation!